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  • TONE & BURN: Using a Cable Machine and our Ankle Straps you are able to target and isolate muscles more efficiently with maximum comfort!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply clip in and out our ankle strap for cable machines with the sturdy D Ring included and the attachment.
  • A FIRMER & TIGHTER BOOTY: Achieve the ultimate lower body workout with the cable ankle strap. Isolate and target your glutes with multi directional kicks.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: We added extra soft neoprene padding, breathable nylon and super strong velcro for the tightest of grip
  • PERFECTLY PORTABLE: Compact to easily fit in your gym bag, just toss them in and have your ankle bands always available

At Gradient Fitness we believe that staying healthy and fit should work in balance with your life, not fight against it. That’s why we made our new Ankle Straps. Designed with a wide, 1 ½” thick premium nylon strap, our Ankle Straps are compatible with pretty much every cable machines, leg straps and tubes

Think of our Ankle Strap for cable machines as as the go to cable machine attachment, extremely easy to use. Simply use the ultra durable D Ring to connect to the cable machine and disconnect when you are done

Your ankle bands for working out may be under a lot of stress when extended, but who says you have to be? Our soft neoprene padded cable kickback ankle strap reduces wear and tear on your bands and straps, giving you a workout experience that is completely stress free and will last the test of time.

Simply toss your cable ankle strap in your bag so you can workout anytime. Now you no longer have to wait for another person to be done with the gym's provided equipment that is covered in sweat and dirty, your own pair - ready to use!

  • Extra Sturdy D Ring
  • Breathable Nylon Strap for additional comfort
  • Ultra Soft Neoprene
  • Super Strong Velcro
  • Workout Anywhere

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