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Developed by Physical Therapists with a passion for fitness. Enhance your fitness experience with the innovative GF Foam Roller and FREE Exercise Guide!

Experience the most comfortable and convenient way to improve your flexibility.

    • DEVELOPED BY PHYSICAL THERAPISTS - use the Gradient Fitness Foam Roller for muscle and tendon flexibility, spinal and peripheral joint mobility, training recovery, athletic conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention, yoga, and core strengthening.
    • INNOVATIVE TRIPLE ZONE DESIGN - Three different size/shape pressure fields created for ideal myofascial release maximizing mobility and flexibility.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY - Constructed with high-density material that will hold up from the abuse high level athletes, gyms, and rehabilitation centers.
    • FITNESS ON THE GO - Travel light with the perfect sized foam roller (13 x 5.5"), included storage bag, and exercise program.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Don’t settle for the generic foam roller that is bulky, hard to maneuver, and uncomfortable. Our innovative triple zone foam roller is made with high density foam and designed with three different surface textures to allow you to customize the exercise intensity to what is right for you! The triple zone option customizes the exercise intensity resulting in greater flexibility, range of motion, and functional mobility. The GF Foam Roller is ideal for the professional setting but with the included storage bag, exercise program, and lightweight design it’s also perfect for fitness on the go!

TRIPLE ZONE DESIGN: Created with 3 independent pressure zones, you choose your exercise intensity. Use the broad surface (imitating a palm) for a mild release on tender areas. Use the long slender (imitating the side of a hand) surface for a moderate release after a tough workout. Use the smaller ridges (imitating the thumbs) for an aggressive release on those stubborn areas.

ATHLETICS: The Gradient Fitness Foam Roller is the perfect piece of equipment for athletes. From Football to Yoga our Foam Roller will provide the the perfect blend of comfort and durability to meet all of your performance needs. Your purchase includes FREE resources from beginner to advance available in both hard copy and digital format.

REHABILITATION: The GF Foam Roller is designed and endorsed by Physical Therapists. This is a staple piece of equipment used to treat trigger points, myofascial tightness, spinal stiffness, and poor functional mobility.

INJURY PREVENTION: Mobility deficits increase your risk for injury. The GF Foam Roller is the perfect tool to address these impairments and reduce your injury risk.

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