Kayak/SUP Carry Strap

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Kayak/SUP Carry Strap


What makes us different?

FULLY ADJUSTABLE TRI-GLIDE PIECE - the width of your board or kayak does not matter, one size fits all

PADDING IN FRONT OF BUCKLES - protect the surface of your board for years to come

EXTRA STRAPS TO HOLD YOUR PADDLE - hook and loop closure to keep your paddles with you at all times

HEAVEY-DUTY NYLON BUCKLES - built with rextra strength and resilience for our door adventures

REINFORCED METAL HARDWARE - customer metal hardware that won't break over time


Length - 8'

Width - 1.5"

Color Options:


COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO CARRY - helps to reduce the pressure and tension while you're waling with your board

BUILT TO LAST - offers years of outdoor use

ACCOMODATES ALL BOARDS - turn your walk to and from your launch area into a more enjoyable experience

WON'T SCRATCH UP YOUR BOARD - prolong the life of your board with our paddled buckles

CONVENIENT STORAGE - includes a storage bag for when the Carry Strap is not in use


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