If You Sit at a Desk All Day, You Need These 6 Yoga Poses in Your Life

by Gradient Fitness on December 09, 2020

If You Sit at a Desk All Day, You Need These 6 Yoga Poses in Your Life

It’s no secret that yoga is teeming with benefits—from the mental to the physical. In case you needed another reason to begin this wellness practice, it’s also a great way to build flexibility. This is important now more than ever, thanks to office jobs that keep many in a seated position, slouched in front of a computer for a majority of the day. “Our lives are restricted and sedentary, so our bodies get lazy, muscles atrophy, and joints settle into limited range,” explains Megan Eastman, a yoga instructor at Anatomy in Miami, Florida. The cure for our sedentary ways? Yoga.

“Yoga asana helps to correct skeletal alignment and explore a range of movement within our joints and in every plane,” Eastman says. “Almost every yoga asana exercises and improves the cellular quality of connective tissue, which transmits movement and provides our muscles with lubricants and healing agents.” Essentially you can use yoga for flexibility, which will greatly benefit your overall well-being, especially if you are stuck at a desk most days. Ready to get started? Ahead Eastman explains six simple poses to start using yoga for flexibility.

Downward Facing Dog

1. Start in tabletop, hand under your shoulders and knees stacked under your hips. Engage your core to lift your pelvis to the ceiling and create an inverted V. Straighten and activate your arms by pushing them into the floor.

2. Straighten your legs and fire up your quadriceps. Reach your heels toward the floor (it’s okay if they don’t touch).

3. Melt your chest back toward your thighs. Set your gaze on your toes. Tilt your tailbone to the ceiling.


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