Lifting Straps

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Weight Lifting Wrist Straps


What makes us different?

PREMIUM QUALITY POLYESTER WEBBING - Ensures you can maintain a firm, strong grip no matter the weight

EXTRA THICK COTTON WEBBING- Focus on going heavy while protecting your wrists

FULLY ADJUSTABLE - lift effortlessly with the mobility of our straps

REINFORCED STITCHING - The Gradient Fitness stretching strap was created by Physical Therapists and continues to be used and endorse by Rehab Specialists across the country.


Set of 2

Length - 20"

Width - 1.5"

Color Options:


STRONG AND DURABLE - built to last even during your toughest workouts

REDUCED INJURY RISK - allows you to grip the bar more easily and protect your wrists, making heavy weight lifting more comfortable

IMPROVED GRIP - designed with your ultimate comfort in mind

NO MORE GRIP FATIGURE - eliminate unneeded stress to your elbows, wrists, and hands

LIFT MORE WEIGHTS - super soft neoprene padding inside that protects your wrists and ultimately allows you to maximize your workouts


Our mission is to share the passion towards health and exercise that's why we created innovative fitness-centric product designed for ultimate comfort to maximize performance and recovery

Based out of Rochester, NY we stand firmly behind every product we offer and back everything with the gradient fitness 90-days promise!

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