10 Efficient Ways To Lose Weight On Your Face

Original Article : 10 Efficient Ways To Lose Weight On Your Face
by : ecellulitis
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We all know that occasional puffiness from water retention or too much alcohol will go away in a day, but double chin or puffy cheeks won’t, not that easily, at least. We all know that our face is the first thing other people notice, and there are those among us who may feel uncomfortable because of puffy cheeks.

People respond to physical appearance; the face doesn’t only reflect our health or present our physical beauty, it tells much more about a person as well. On the other hand, judging a person by its appearance is utterly wrong, however the truth is that in those 10 to 15 seconds when we meet a new person, we judge about someone’s personality, first and foremost, by his or hers face.

Unfortunately, some people are genetically predisposed to chubbier cheeks and thicker necks. Still, anyone who knows the proper techniques and methods can lose weight in their face. The change of a few pounds can make a huge change and have great effect on one’s cheeks, long before one starts losing weight in other parts of the body. Read Full Article…

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