10 Essentials: Gear For Trail Running

For runners who’ve left the pavement, there’s often no looking back. Trail running puts your workout right into nature and takes just a little gear, but each piece is important.

You have shoes and shorts, and there’s a map at the trailhead with a route you want to try. Grab a running partner, and get your gear. Don’t forget these 10 essentials for running trails this summer in the wilds.

1 – Clothing

The clothing on your body is the most essential component of trail running, and all you really need for a short run. Everything should fit well, and be free of tags or other annoyances that will only grow with every mile. Choose proper trail running shoes for your environment, shorts or tights, a synthetic or possibly light merino wool shirt, and quality socks for the job. A light windbreaker like the Patagonia Houdini is great to carry in case the weather turns windy and cold.

2 – Water

Hydration is a no-brainer. Runners tote H20 with hand-held water bottles or a running vest or pack (see below). Many bottles will do the trick, but the Nathan SpeedDraw Plus has served us well for runs under about seven miles.

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Original Article : 10 Essentials: Gear For Trail Running
By: Sean McCoy
From: gearjunkie.com

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