10 Kettlebell Benefits That Should Be Better Known

Original Article : 10 Kettlebell Benefits That Should Be Better Known
by : David
From : fitandme.com

Kettlebells have become a popular piece of workout equipment – chances are you’ve seen them lined up in your gym, or even bought a couple kettlebells to use at home. There are good reasons for kettlebells to be popular. They are simple to use, very versatile, and affordable. Of course, they also look pretty cool too. If you have added kettlebells to your strength training program, use them at your CrossFit Box, or are looking for more ways to use kettlebells in your own fitness program, you might want to find out about ten not so well known kettlebell benefits. They are great for a lot more than just strength training!

Benefit #1: Kettlebells can be for cardio

Most people think of kettlebells as strictly a weight training tool, for strength workouts. However, with some creativity, kettlebells can make a power-packed cardio session. Read Full Article….

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