10 Reasons You Need a Probiotic in Your Life


Original Article : 10 Reasons You Need a Probiotic in Your Life
By : Kara Griffin
from : ora.organic

If you have a healthy gut, you’ll have a healthy body. It sounds simple, but getting to a healthy gut is easier said than done. The gut, as the center for absorption in the body, has a profound effect on the overall health, productivity and efficiency of our other organs and systems.

Because of the Standard American Diet (SAD, and yes, it is very sad), many often think that their digestive problems are either isolated or don’t exist. We seem to live in a culture where bloating and digestion-related stomach pains are normal and tolerated. But the truth is that most of America has digestive issues and more often than not these diseases can be linked back to gut health.

The gut is lined with hundreds of trillions of microorganisms that make up your intestinal flora. Throughout the course of a day (and certainly a lifetime) those bacteria change, grow, and deplete based on a host of outside factors like diet, lifestyle and environment. The one constant you can provide for your gut? Taking a probiotic.

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