10 Ways to Add Healthy Fats to The Diet

One of the most common mistakes people make on a low-carb diet is not eating enough fat.

If you eat low carb and low fat, that leaves you with nothing but protein.

If you eat nothing but protein, you will eventually start feeling starved and abandon the diet.

Every population that has thrived on a low-carb diet, such as the Inuit or Masai, have eaten lots of fat.

They cherished the fatty parts of the animal and the organs. To them, “lean meat” was dog food.

Here are 10 things you can do to make sure that you eat enough fat on a low-carb diet.

Be aware that you do not have to do all of these, they are merely suggestions if you struggle to get enough fat in your diet.

1. Choose The Fattier Meats and Fishes

At the grocery store, choose the fattier cuts of meat, preferably from grass-fed/pastured animals.

Stay away from the chicken breasts, the lean steaks and the pieces where the fat has been removed.

Choose fatty fish like salmon. They’re tastier, fattier and healthier. Read More…….



Original Article : 10 Ways to Add Healthy Fats to The Diet
By: Kris Gunnars
From: healthline.com

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