113 Killer Push Up Variations and Exercises

How’d you like to see the world’s biggest list of different types of push up variations?

Well, you’re in for a treat today…

…because I’m gonna pull back the curtains and reveal over killer 113 pushup exercises!

And since there are so many push ups listed, it would be quite difficult to go through them all. That’s why I created the filters below. You can use them to find the pushups that best suit your needs.

So let’s jump right in and have some fun!

Knee Push-Up

The knee push ups are a great way to begin learning the push up. To begin this push up lay down flat on the ground face down. Fold to your legs at the knees so that your heels are facing the ceiling. Your knees should be bent at an almost 90° angle. Place your hands next to your chest so that your elbows are also bent at a 90° angle. Keep your head looking straight in front of you towards the floor and push up towards the ceiling. You will reach the top of the push up with your arms fully extended and your body at a 45° angle off the mat starting at your knees. Lower yourself towards the ground, keeping your chest from touching the ground, and then push back up. Practice with these and you will soon be able to do a full push up.

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