The 12 Health and Fitness Benefits Of Cold Showers

History shows that:

Since ancient times human have bathe in cold waters for health benefits.

Even after they had developed water heating system, they still continued to bathe in cold water.

For example, the ancient Greeks, Russians, and Romans all used dips in cold waters for health and spiritual reasons.

Japanese practitioners of Shinto of both ancient and modern times would stay under ice cold water falls where they would mediate, this traditional practice is known as Misogi – you know, that one badass that just stands in the middle of the water fall as gallons and gallons of ice cold water drops on him, yeah that guy.

What is even more badass are the Ancient Spartans who would wake up early in the morning on splintered boards to two hours of intense calisthenic workout (bodyweight workout) followed by, you guessed it, a dip in freezing cold water.

People who bathe in warm water were considered weak! Cold water was believed to condition their bodies and minds to be strong, vigorous and always prepared for battle.>>READ MORE>>>>>



Original Article : The 12 Health and Fitness Benefits Of Cold Showers
By: John Gregory
From: the-bodybuilding-blog.com

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