12-Minute Fat-Burning Cardio Core Bodyweight Workout

Welcome to the New Year and an opportunity to begin on the right foot (or many feet as this workout demonstrates)!

I realize that the holidays can be magical but also very stressful with all the things we have to finish — not to mention the excessive eating and drinking that tags along. It’s what we do and to attempt to avoid it altogether is next to impossible. We usually keep repeating to ourselves that we’ll get back on our eating and exercise program once the New Year hits. Saying that over and over helps keep us sane.

Well, fortunately I have you covered for the exercise part! This quick, convenient and totally effective 12-minute fat-burning cardio core bodyweight workout will get you back on track and moving forward in the New Year.

When I say bodyweight, I mean ZERO weights or equipment are needed — so this workout fits into even the busiest of schedules. It also means you can do this workout anywhere and anytime — though I don’t recommend doing it in the produce section of your market. That may be too much …Read Full Article…

Original Article: 12-Minute Fat-Burning Cardio Core Bodyweight Workout
By: Sean
From: fitbottomedgirls.com

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