12 tips you need to know before running your first half marathon

Whether you’re steeling yourself for the Hackney Half or you’ve signed up to the new London Landmarks Marathon, 13.1 miles of running is no small feat.

Running a half marathon takes not only physical preparation but mental endurance too – and if you’ve never taken on the challenge before, not knowing exactly what to expect can be rather daunting. 

That’s why it pays to prep yourself. Here Cory Wharton-Malcom co-founder of Track Mafia and ultra-runner Matt Willcocks offer advice for the first-time half marathon runner.

1. It will go quickly

Quite simply the biggest surprise about a half marathon is just how quick people manage to run it. The start is a pretty intense place, and without a plan and the intention to stick to it, you might well find yourself getting bent out of place with the first mile of the race. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t get caught up in chasing other people’s dreams. Also be prepared for your stride to change during the race, it is an extremely fast-paced style of running, you might start on the forefoot but it takes a lot to run a whole 13.1 miles that way. Be prepared to handle some heel striking when your legs start to give way….Read Full Article..

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