12 Ways Yoga Improves Your Health

Original Article : 12 Ways Yoga Improves Your Health
by : Massage Therapy Albuquerque
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If you already work yoga into your fitness regimen, you likely do so because it provides benefits for your health or your mood. If you have not yet started doing yoga, you still probably understand on some level the ways it can improve your overall sense of wellbeing. The truth, though, is that yoga provides benefits throughout your body, improving your health through almost every major system you have working for you.

Different forms, styles, and intensities of yoga work are available to suit just about every body type and fitness level. The myriad options and the health benefits make it an ideal form of exercise for almost anyone. Once you explore all the ways yoga can help, it seems almost crazy not to find an opportunity to pursue yoga.

1.Improve Your Breathing

Yoga begins with focused breathing; it serves as the base of every movement you make. You will learn to take slower, deeper breaths that help increase your oxygen levels throughout your body. The stretches you do further open up your lungs for better relaxation, focus, and energy.This improves your heart and brain health, and eases every kind of exercise and activity you do.

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