13 Amazing Beauty and Health Benefits of Avocado

Health Benefits of Avocado

Ah, the humble avocado…the Persea americana or the alligator pear, for years derided by the weight loss “gurus” of the 90’s and 00’s for containing fat.

How times have changed!

This fruit, although technically classified as a large, single seed berry (crazy world of botany for you), is a native member of central & south America. However it quite a valuable commodity and is subsequently grown in any location that has a similar tropical, Mediterranean climate.

Now why is this big berry so valuable?

The answer lies in not only its delicious, creamy taste; but also in its unique health properties that it possess.

These benefits range from lowering the risk of certain nasty diseases to actually being a type of fat that helps you to lose weight…I know right, but scroll down to the weight loss section to find out more! Read Full Article…

Original Article : 13 Amazing Beauty and Health Benefits of Avocado
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