13 of The Best Foods for Runners

If you are an athlete or a marathon runner or just love running around your block, you need the power and energy for sustenance. And to build endurance for running, you need calories, carbs and protein. In no way are just peanut butter sandwiches, pasta meals or neon-colored energy drinks a part of a balanced diet. Paying more attention to what you eat and consuming whole and real foods can take you a long way, without having to rely on energy bars, drinks and gels to sustain you.

So, what really constitutes a runner’s diet? Well, there are plenty of wholesome foods out there that can provide the nutrition and energy you require for your running. Here, we have discussed a list of foods that are ideal for you if you are a runner.

As a runner, carbs are a very critical component of your diet. You can get plenty of carb-rich foods, but the focus must be on getting high-quality carbohydrates. Instead of packing in pasta and bread made of refined flour, focus on healthier alternatives like whole-grain bread, whole-grain pasta, etc.

The best thing about 100% whole-grain bread is that instead of just sticking with whole-wheat bread or whole-wheat pasta, you can opt for other whole grains like rye, oats, barley, buckwheat, etc, which are just as delicious and healthy.

As a runner, you need at least 3-6 one oz. servings of whole grains in a day. Eating 100% whole-grain bread is the best way by which this requirement can be met, as one slice of whole-grain bread is equal to 1 serving. Read Full Article…


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