13 Secrets Gyms Probably Won’t Tell You

Ever wonder just how germy gyms are? Or how they convince you to buy those pricey training packages? Here, inside tips to get the most out of your membership.

1. We count on you not to show up. About 50 percent of people who start an exercise program quit within six months. If more members started coming regularly, it would be chaos in here. Here’s a tip to help you stick with it: Start slow. People who quit typically push themselves too hard at first and get discouraged. (Need some motivation? Here are some tricks you haven’t tried.)

2. It’s often cheaper to pay per visit. Economists at the University of California, Berkeley, found that the average gym user who enrolls in a monthly or annual membership pays 70 percent more—about $300 more a year—than those who pay per visit. (Don’t miss these 56 effortless ways to save money!)

3. Many of you use the treadmills totally wrong. Holding on for balance is OK, but some people support almost all their body weight on their arms. That’s unsafe—and it prevents you from burning as many calories. If you can’t manage to loosen your grip, try slowing down. (These other exercises might be working against you, too.)

4. What’s hot right now? Functional fitness, or doing exercises that help you in everyday life, which is important for older adults hoping to prevent injury. That means fewer exercises like leg extensions, a movement you likely will never do outside the gym, and more multi-joint, full-body exercises (like squats) that strengthen you for real-life activities like lifting heavy boxes.Read more……



Original Article : 13 Secrets Gyms Probably Won’t Tell You
By: Michelle Crouch
From: rd.com

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