13 Tricks for Finding Time to do Yoga

Original Article : 13 Tricks for Finding Time to do Yoga
From : brighteryoga.com

Everyone deserves a bit of me time. Yet, we’re all constantly being pulled in different directions. We have work or school. We have to spend time with the family or friends. We have to sleep, eat, shower, clean and do other daily tasks. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.  Here are 13 tricks for finding time to do yoga:

Do it with the family – Many parents fail to take care of their health by using the excuse that they’re busy taking care of their families. It’s true that raising a family can fill up your day pretty quickly. However, parents, especially to young children, are role models. Every day after dinner, you can do yoga as a family. By doing it together you have the social support system so that no one skips it. You also incorporate it into your routine so it becomes second nature. Whether you practice yoga at home or at a studio, by making it a family activity you can spend time with your family, take care of yourself and teach your children mindfulness. Read Full Article…

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