14 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Does Yoga

Original Article : 14 Reasons to Date a Woman Who Does Yoga
by : brighteryoga
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There’s something spectacular about a woman who does yoga. It’s no surprise that she’s able to capture someone’s heart easily. She’s able to connect with any soul on a deeper level and that’s where love is born. Here are 14 reasons to date a woman who does yoga:

She manages stress well – Even if a woman does yoga because she suffers from anxiety, yoga has helped teach her the skills she needs to manage it well. Let’s face it every person experiences stress at some point or another – it’s human nature. However, when a woman practices yoga on a daily basis, it gives herself an opportunity to clear her mind and focus on her breathing patterns. If you get into an argument, she knows what she needs to do to keep calm. Yoga postures are also very physically demanding which helps her manage stress because she’s exerting physical energy. Often times, when people are stressed they need to physically remove the negative energy outside themselves and yoga helps her do it easily.

She’s adventurous – When dating a woman who does yoga, you’ll have someone who loves to seek adventure. Maybe she practices yoga on cliffs to help take her mind right to the edge. Maybe she practices poses in the water. She might take you hiking to a nice quiet spot so that you can practice your breathing techniques at her favorite spot. Many yoga enthusiasts love to travel and explore new territory so you’ll have a partner you can enjoy life with.

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