18 Ways to Sleep Fast at Night Even When You’re not Tired

Insomnia affects about 60 million Americans at one time or another. For 40 million of these individuals, the problem is long-term.

Insomnia simply means a person experiences difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Missing sleep is associated with a host of chronic problems that often worsen over time.

These include a weakened immune system, weight gain, depression, poor cognitive function and an increased risk of heart disease. Fortunately, unless the problem stems from an underlying illness for which medical treatment must be pursued, remedies are available for sleeplessness without the need for drugs.

Obvious and Hidden Causes of Insomnia

Certain causes of insomnia are obvious, while others are easily overlooked. Below are some common causes of the disorder:

1. Elevated Levels of Anxiety From a Specific Source

Certain circumstances create significant amounts of stress in a person’s life, which can quickly lead to insomnia. For example, moving, changing jobs, going through a divorce or having to face the illness or death of a loved one are all considerable sources of anxiety and stress, which in turn can lead to sleeplessness.




Original Article : 18 Ways to Sleep Fast at Night Even When You’re not Tired
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