3 Mental Pillars to Success in Athletic Performance

Original Article : 3 Mental Pillars to Success in Athletic Performance
by : Sirena Alise
From : slimclipcase.com

My Coach always says, Athletics is 90% Physical and 10% Mental. What Controls the 10%? As a competitive athlete or a beginner we are always striving on how to improve in the sport we love. Be it Track and Field, Field Hockey or Basketball there are consistent trends in attitude and mentality. Check out my 3 components for a healthy mental mindset.

1. The Attitude. To be an athlete you’ve got to have self-confidence and an aura of determination. Without these two things you might as well be a couch potato. You must believe you are a force to be reckoned with and no one can get in the way of your success. The only person stopping yourself is YOU. If you look at all the greats, both humble and cocky, they share the same quality of self-confidence and determination. At the end of the day it is you that controls what happens in that lane, on that court or in that gym. NO ONE ELSE.

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