3 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Better Than Coffee

Original Article : 3 Reasons Why Green Tea Is Better Than Coffee
by : ique_tea
From : blog.piquetea.com

Ok, coffee is not the worst thing in the world- it can even be healthy in smaller amounts- but, let’s face it, most of us are ready to admit we’re downing way too much! If you’re out of bed early and staying up too late, you know that urge to reach for a second cup of coffee in the morning and another for your afternoon slump. But, what’s it really doing for you?

Turns out, if you’re drinking coffee in excess it’s likely a culprit for your burnout and may be messing with your metabolism and insulin resistance.

So what’s a self-respecting, wanting-to-be-productive millennial to do without their daily coffee? Go green… With green tea that is. Read Full Article…

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