3 Simple Tips to Eat Healthy All Week

Ready to clean up your diet? Want to eat healthy but you’re short on time? No problem! Clean eating doesn’t have to be a chore. With a little planning, you can make delicious, healthy meals without spending hours in the kitchen. Meal prep is the key.

Whether you cook for the whole family or just prepare a few basic snacks, stocking your fridge with the right foods will save you a lot of time and even money. This way, you’ll know exactly what and how much you eat, learn portion control, and make fewer trips to the store.

How to Meal Prep like a Pro

Pick a day of the day to go grocery shopping, and another one for meal prep. Purchase grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds in bulk to cut costs. Buy food for the week ahead and store it properly. Don’t cook more than you need. Choose whole, unprocessed foods and read the labels. Fish, lean meat, fresh fruit, veggies, nuts, eggs, and whole grains should come first on your list.

Need help with meal prep? Here are three simple tips to eat healthy all week:



Original Article : 3 Simple Tips to Eat Healthy All Week
By: Naomi
From: blissfulbellies.com.au

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