3 Upsetting Ways Caffeine Impacts YOUR Diabetes

Original Article : 3 Upsetting Ways Caffeine Impacts YOUR Diabetes
by : adaptwellness
From : chrisruden.com

Diabetes & Caffeine

Ah, caffeine! The euphoric happiness elexor that brings joy to any morning and makes people’s stupidity just a little more bearable.

I love caffeine.

And if you are an extremist like me, you probably drink caffeine almost as much as you take insulin. I never really considered caffeines role in diabetes until I recently came across a peer reviewed study that I stared at for hours [read: minutes] because I didn’t like what I read. After that, I began looking deeper into caffeine’s infamous role in diabetes and here is what I found.

Benefits of Caffeine 

Aside from the awesome mood boost, caffeine was originally though to improve symptoms in type 2 diabetics and reduce risk of diabetes all together along with other diseases and complications.

A big study conducted on coffee and it’s benefits led people to assume caffeine was the beneficial culprit but we now know otherwise. Read Full Article…

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