4 Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries in CrossFit

Original Article : 4 Tips for Preventing Shoulder Injuries in CrossFit
by : Dr. Chris O’Grady
From : ogradyorthopaedics.com

Individuals who choose to incorporate CrossFit into their lifestyle perform a variety of exercises. The objective of the CrossFit program is to improve respiratory and cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, mobility, strength, power, stamina, agility, speed, balance and coordination.

CrossFit Routines Can Put Stress on many joints, especially the Shoulder

Some of the exercises included in CrossFit routines can place the shoulder in positions that put stress on the vital structures within the joint. Dr. Christopher O’Grady encourages his patients to participate in CrossFit, because he believes that it is one of the best modes of exercise available; however, Dr. O’Grady wants his patients to know the potential issues that can arise when an individual neglects to adhere to proper technique while performing resistance exercises.

Some of the common exercises that cause problems are pull ups, clean and jerk, dips, muscle ups, or any repetitive overhead lifting.

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