47 Real Role Models for Men

There are a dime a dozen lists about the “top fitness bloggers” online. No wonder, there are a gazillion websites in this industry.

But this list is different. Here’s why:

Can I be honest with you? I don’t become a fan of anyone just because they offer good advice.

I need something more. I need a personality. I need someone I can look up to.

Unfortunately, many experts in the fitness industry lack “charisma”. (Or maybe they are just afraid to reveal it).

On the other hand, there are also many people whose personality just shines through their content.

These people not only teach us about health and fitness, but they also teach us about life. They realize that there is much more to life than caring about your looks. And they aren’t afraid to talk about it!

They share meaningful thoughts that make us think. They reassure us that failing sometimes is only human. They help us find goals to pursue in our life. They are there for us when we need guidance….Read Full Article…

Original Article: 47 Real Role Models for Men
By: Man vs Weight
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