5 Benefits of Daily Meditation

It’s time for some honesty here, do you meditate? I’d love to hear from you if you do but actually even more so if you don’t. Meditation used to be one of those spiritual woo woo ideas that only real hippies or Buddhist monks were into, but now? More and more top entrepreneurs and business people are realising the benefits of meditation.

I used to find it really hard to meditate, I’m so busy all of the time that the idea of allowing my brain to think of NOTHING was alien to me. What do you mean sit and empty my mind? It hasn’t been empty for about 23 years, I have so much to think of with work and family and growing my business and remembering all of those pesky to-do list items – how do I switch off?

But like anything, starting off small and working up to a full-on meditation practice is the best way forward. You need to pick a time and place when you can relax and feel calm, when the children are getting ready for school in the morning or when your husband wants to talk to you about his day at work are not good times! Read More….



Original Article : 5 Benefits of Daily Meditation
By: Lilach Bullock
From: lilachbullock.com

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