5 Best Dumbbell Exercises To Get Strong (And Gather A Crowd)

This article isn’t going to focus on the standard dumbbell movements we’ve all seen and done. <strong”>Chances are you’ve got some great dumbbells and you use them regularly but fall into the same old exercises and routines. Most people I speak to do curls, bench press, and lateral raises with their dumbbells but little else. With such a versatile piece of training equipment, wouldn’t you rather get the very best from them?

Below, you’re going to get some dumbbell exercises that will not only blast your strength through the roof, but also create a crowd in the weights room.

A Brief History Of Dumbbell Lifting

The dumbbell itself is widely believed to have originated from the haltere, a hand-held weight used in ancient Greece, specifically in the long jump. Later they were used by English bell ringers as a silent way to build strength. These days, the dumbbell is commonplace in gyms throughout the world and remains one of the most popular options for those training at home.




Original Article : 5 Best Dumbbell Exercises To Get Strong (And Gather A Crowd)
By: Matt Palfrey
From: breakingmuscle.com

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