5 Golden Rules for Preventing Weightlifting Injuries

Original Article : 5 Golden Rules for Preventing Weightlifting Injuries
by : ammoathletic
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As athletes, we push our bodies to the limit on a daily basis. It’s the only way to achieve your full potential. But pushing limits has risk and it’s inevitable that at some point we’ll be faced with some type of injury.

Dr. Anthony Dugarte, M.D., C.S.C.S., is here to discuss some of the most common weightlifting injuries and give his expert advice on how to prevent them.

Do you warm-up before a workout? Do you cool-down afterwards? If the answer is no, you place yourself at a higher risk for injuries such as sprains and strains. 

Take 3-5 minutes to actively warm-up, which is superior to stretching prior to physical activity.1,2 This increases your heart rate, which in turn pumps more blood to the now active muscles, making them more pliable and ready for activity. Read Full Article…

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