5 Stretches You’re Probably Doing Wrong

Whether it was Jane Fonda or the grade school gym teacher who taught us to sit and reach, from a young age we’ve been conditioned to associate stretching with exercise. But what we know now is that more than one form of stretching exists, ranging from more active methods (referred to as dynamic) to more passive variations (also known as static). While active variations are more appropriate for warming up for exercise, research suggests that passive stretches are best saved for after a workout.

So while mimicking other gym members might be OK when adjusting cycling bikes, it’s probably not your best approach on the stretching mats. To help you navigate the quest for greater flexibility — and overall mobility — we’ve outlined five stretches that are typically performed incorrectly and how to get in the correct position next time. Dr. Mike Reinold, a Physical Therapist and Performance Enhancement Specialist in Boston, recommends holding each stretch for 30 seconds before moving on. Also, don’t forget to pay equal attention to both sides of your body — it’s not uncommon to find that one side is tighter than the other….Read Full Article…

Original Article: 5 Stretches You’re Probably Doing Wrong
By: Jeremey DuVall
From: health.com

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