5 things a fitness trainer wished you knew about fat loss

If you’re new to fitness, and fat loss is your goal, it’s easy to fall into the trap of eating too little, and training too hard in an effort to tone up. But actually, slaving away at the gym five days a week could dent, rather than increase your progress.

Just ask Michael Chapman, head trainer at F45, the boutique London fitness studio which specialises in killer (and fat-burning) team-based functional training workouts, beloved by Instagram fitness stars like Clean Eating Alice and Zanna van Dijk. He shares the five keys things everyone needs to know about working out and fat loss – especially if they’re new to fitness.

1. HIIT the gym

If you’re looking for the ultimate fast and efficient way to burn fat, look no further than High Intensity Interval Training. Despite the abundance of evidence detailing HIIT’s fat loss benefits, many people still turn to the treadmill for a long, steady run. Sure, endurance exercise in a steady state is great for fat burn, but let’s get real, who has the time to be working out for an hour, and what’s more, who’s going to stick to an exercise routine that involves long, tedious sessions on a treadmill?

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Original Article: 5 things a fitness trainer wished you knew about fat loss
By: Lauren Smith
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