5 Ways Fitness Saved My Life as a Person With a Disability and Diabetes

Original Article : 5 Ways Fitness Saved My Life as a Person With a Disability and Diabetes
by : Chris Ruden
From : themighty.com

Imagine waking up every day terrified that someone was going to make fun of you because of the way you look. I’m not talking about a bad hair day or because your shirt is on backwards. I’m talking about being born noticeably different and being self-conscious about it every second of the day.

That was me.

Being born with two fingers on my left hand and a shorter left arm was rough on me as a kid, physically and emotionally. From bullying to being left out of some activities like the monkey bars, it was hard understanding I was different. Depressionanxiety and anger filled my head and led me down some bad paths of drugs and drinking. Adding to the problems, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 19. As I sat in the hospital bed, a nurse explained to me how my life was going to permanently change. I couldn’t stop thinking, “Disabled and diabetic? There has to be a reason for this.”

I decided I needed to help people in order to help myself stay on track and switched my major from political science and law to exercise science and health promotion. Over the last seven years, I’ve built a variety of successful fitness training programs and businesses, helping hundreds of people lose thousands of pounds. I now run a successful online training business and travel the country as a keynote speaker, youth speaker and overall inspirational speaker.

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