5 Ways To Maximize Your Rest Days—And Get Better Results

While sitting on the couch can be super enticing (hello, Netflix!), there’s a lot your body needs on a rest day that can’t be solved by sitting still. Muscle stiffness, metabolic waste (i.e. acid build-up in the body), delayed onset muscle soreness, and hydration are all factors to think about, says Luke Greenberg, a physical therapist at MOTIVNY.

“Just sitting on the couch alone is going to tackle only your dehydration,” he says. Therefore, it’s key to get in active recovery workouts that will increase circulation on your day off from your usual regimen. This movement will get blood flow and oxygen to the parts of your body that need it, which will in turn help alleviate all the tightness you feel from stiffness and lactic-acid buildup in your muscles.

“Try doing some light exercise for 20 to 30 minutes such as swimming, low-intensity cycling, gentle yoga, or other bodyweight movement practices. Think difficulty six or less out of 10,” he says…Read Full Article…

Original Article: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Rest Days—And Get Better Results
From: womenshealthmag.com

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