6 Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

As the weather gets cooler, our natural inclination is to stay inside. Cozy fires, comfort food and the sweet elasticity of sweatpants ­— why brave the outdoors?

As it turns out, we aren’t. Did you know that us Americans spend 90 percent of our lives indoors? (1) Between commuting to and from our jobs, spending 8+ hours a day working and going about our normal daily business, we see nature more on our TVs than we do in real life.

Not only is that a depressing statistic, but there are real health benefits of being outdoors that we’re missing out on when we’re confined to our homes and office buildings. From improving our moods to feeling more chill, being outdoors is something we all could use more of.

6 Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

1. Breathe better air

Between pollution, seasonal allergies and creepy crawlies outside, some of us would prefer staying inside as often as possible. But if you thought you’re breathing better air inside, I hate to break it to you: indoor air pollution can be up to 10 times worse than what you’re inhaling outdoors. Read More…..



Original Article : 6 Health Benefits of Being Outdoors
By: Dr. Axe
From: draxe.com

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