7 Actually Manageable Ways To Get Up & Run Before Work

Now it’s finally light(ish), when that obscenely early alarm goes it’s signalling that it’s time not only to get up, but to work out. I’m currently training for the Boston and London marathons, and studying full-time to become a dietitian on top of working, which means a lot of my runs are done before 7am otherwise, well, they wouldn’t get done. I regularly share these early-morning runs on Instagram, and get various responses to my sweaty selfies, ranging from “go back to bed, you’re making me feel bad” from my friends, to genuine questions from others about how to make getting up for a morning workout easier. Here’s how anyone can go from snooze-button lover to smug morning runner…

Go to bed earlier

Probably the most basic piece of advice, but the most crucial. You still need 7-9 hours sleep, you just have to be clever about how to get it. I’m in bed around 10pm every night, sometimes earlier, to ensure I have enough shuteye. Other runners I know are in bed around 9pm due to a 4.30am alarm. Can’t fall asleep that early? Try edging your bedtime earlier by just five minutes a night, create a relaxing routine and avoid reading your phone in bed, or read these science-based tips to help you fall asleep with ease.
Original Article : 7 Actually Manageable Ways To Get Up & Run Before Work
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