7 Aloe Vera Health Benefits Backed by Science

Original Article : 7 Aloe Vera Health Benefits Backed by Science
by : aloeville
From : aloeville.com

So many health benefits are claimed for Aloe Vera that it is difficult to know which ones to believe and which are quackery or made up by manufacturers to sell more products. So we decided to go back to the books and try to work out what is backed up by science, and what is yet to be proved.

Aloe Vera Gel is thought to contain over 200 different chemicals of which about 75 have been identified, but it is not known exactly which of the compounds are responsible for the healing effects.  It is most likely to be the combination of many of the substances contained in the gel which makes it effective.

Since this makes it difficult for any drug company to isolate or replicate the exact formula for the active compounds, pharmaceutical companies tend not to invest large sums in researching Aloe Vera.  For this reason, there is still much work to be done before we understand the real therapeutic benefits of the ‘miracle plant’.  Read Full Article…

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