7 Exercises for Reducing Stress (Infographic)


Original Article : 7 Exercises for Reducing Stress (Infographic)
by : by Lionel Valdellon
From : wrike.com

If you’re anything like me, you’re juggling several projects with looming deadlines all on top of one another, and the to-do list continues to grow each day. It’s safe to say, you are indeed stressed at work.

And while it’s true that stress in small amounts may be a good swift kick in the adrenaline glands, temporarily boosting your energy and seemingly clearing your thinking, it becomes a deadly thing if it’s the chronic, long-lasting kind. Chronic stress activates a “fight or flight” response that forces all energy resources to fight off an enemy. If this happens too often, the body breaks down. Expect memory to suffer, and the risk of heart disease, obesity, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders to increase.

The good news is you can take concrete action to nip stress in the bud by actively forcing your body and mind to slow down, and become more aware of the pace you’re going. Check out the infographic below for seven simple yoga exercises that are easy to incorporate into your morning routine or sneak in on your lunch break to help reduce your daily stress. Read More…

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