7 exercising tips to help you live longer

The quest for longevity has been a great source of inspiration for generations of scientists who tried to find ways for a human being to live as long as possible, or even live forever. Think of the alchemists and the philosopher’s stone, or the elixir of youth. As I found out conducting my own research, you don’t need magic to prolong your life. A recent study I’ve been working on proves that telomeres — tiny caps that protect our DNA chromosomes — have everything to do with longevity. The longer the telomeres, the longer we live. One of the major ways to prolong telomeres in the human body is to simply exercise.

Scientists have long ago proven the positive effects of playing sports and exercising on the human body. It strengthens our hearts, as well as other muscles, burns fat, builds up endurance, makes us more disciplined, and helps us take our minds off of mundane problems. However, not all sports are created equally, and not all of them have a positive effect on telomeres.

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Original Article: 7 exercising tips to help you live longer
By: Oleksandr Savsunenko
From: medium.com

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