7 Hilarious Confessions Only Girls Who Run Will Understand

By Marissa Gainsburg and Wanita Nicol; Photography by James Garaghty

Um… Somebody had to say it.

1. Snot Rockets Are Totally Acceptable

“Training for a long time with an all-male group, I picked up some of their behaviour. Like, if I feel stuffy, I just blow out a snot rocket. It’s a little messy at first, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it – now I can shoot my snot right toward the ground. You just close one nostril, assess where the wind is blowing and force a strong blow in that direction.”

[Exercise acts on the nose like an irritant, similar to perfume or smoke, causing excessive mucus production in the lining of the nose, according to experts.] “It’s not something I take pride in, but when you’re running, especially at altitude, you need all the oxygen you can get and it’s a distraction no one wants. Wearing long sleeves and gloves to wipe your drippy nose also works.” – marathoner and Olympic medallist Deena Kastor

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Original Article : 7 Hilarious Confessions Only Girls Who Run Will Understand
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