8 Lessons Learned On The Way To 8% Body Fat

Original Article : 8 Lessons Learned On The Way To 8% Body Fat
by : matt
From : fitnessunderoath.com

A while back I got a DEXA scan done to find out exactly how much fat I was carrying.

The results put me at 8.5% body fat – leaner than 99% of the general population, and probably leaner than 95% of fitness people. Don’t get me wrong.  I’m certainly NOT the leanest guy in the world.  But I’ve learned a thing or two about getting down to single-digit body fat. So without further ado, here are 8 things I learned on my way to 8% body fat.

 #1) Ab Exercises Are A Waste Of Time

I recently tore a rib muscle during a heavy set of overhead presses. A torn rib muscle is a particularly frustrating injury. Not only is strenuous exercise out of the questions, but laughing, breathing and even laying on the couch caused serious pain for quite a few weeks.

Needless to say say, sit-ups, crunches or any type of ab exercise had to be put on the shelf while I healed. But I kept a close watch on my diet and actually managed to lose a few pounds of fat during the ordeal. The result? I lost fat off my stomach and my abs got sharper and better defined – even though I wasn’t doing any sit-ups, crunches or cardio.

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