8 Post-Workout Snacks Registered Dietitians Love

Original Article : 8 Post-Workout Snacks Registered Dietitians Love
by : Amy Gorin
From : blog.myfitnesspal.com

After a workout is the time to recharge. You’ve literally worked your butt off (well, not literally, but it feels like it). Your energy is gone, and your body is caput. You need nutrients to help you get back to where you started, so that you’re feeling your best by the time your next workout rolls around.

The nutrients you need will vary depending on the type of workout you did. After cardio, you want a lot of carbs and a bit of protein. After strength training, just the opposite will do the trick. Registered dietitians know all about post-workout nutritional needs, and they have the best snacks. Seriously these eight ideas all fit the bill for different workouts, and are so tasty you’ll definitely want to steal them for yourself.

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