8 surprising ways insomnia affects your body

Arecent report from the British Sleep Council has revealed that we are sleeping worse than ever. The Great British Sleep Report shows that the majority of Brits only get between five and seven hours of shut-eye per night. A third of respondents claim to have suffered from insomnia for over five years, with stress cited as the chief cause.

As stress and anxiety levels rise, combined with an ever-increasing reliance on technology, it gets harder and harder to switch off and attain the longed-for eight hours that clinicians encourage. For some, chronic insomnia is a nightly battle, as they are forced to lie awake alongside a sleeping partner, tossing and turning, unable to switch off.

But how does insomnia affect you on a day to day level?

1) Your anxiety levels increase

Anyone missing out on sleep may find that their cortisol (the hormone associated with stress) levels increase, along with their heart rate. This can lead to increased feelings of nervousness and anxiety, as well as high blood pressure. Sleep neuroscientist Professor Horne notes that anyone already predisposed to anxiety is likely to be most affected by it,  as for the most part, insomnia is a symptom of pre-existing stress, which must be dealt with in order to achieve a healthier pattern of rest.


Original Article : 8 surprising ways insomnia affects your body
By: Lucy Rahim
From: telegraph.co.uk

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