When you first start going to the gym, it can feel a bit intimidating. You’ve got the woman who seems to be made out of pure muscle hanging from a bar doing reverse sit ups, while a man in the corner grunts and groans as he lifts a piece of equipment that you’ve never even seen before. Not to worry! When you are just beginning your workout routine, keep it simple! These nine easy exercises are great for beginners because they will only use a mat, free weights, and an exercise ball. If you do all nine, you will get a full body workout that will become second nature once you do it a few times. This is a great routine to get you started!

1. Core: Abs

Start your workout by grabbing a mat and a large exercise ball. Lay it down on the floor and stretch out on it, belly up. put your feet straight up in the air. Grab your ball, and put it between your two feet. Now slowly lower your feet with the ball in between them. Then raise your feet, still with the ball held in between them, and pass the ball to your hands. Lower your arms above your head, and then raise them. Pass the ball to your feet. Repeat this move 12 times, lowering first your feet with the ball between them, and then your arms with the ball held in your hands. Lower only as far as you can with your lower back still pressed to the mat.

2. Core: Lower Abs

Set the ball aside, and stay on your mat. Keep your lower back pressed into the mat while you lower your legs. You should feel your lower abs working. Lower your legs to a count of 3 seconds, and then raise them up. Repeat 12 times.

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