An Amazing Health Guide for 2018

To get your digestion back on track after the holiday indulgences—and keep it that way—add prebiotics and probiotics to your daily diet. Probiotics are supplements of beneficial bacteria; prebiotics are the plant compounds that nourish them in your gut.

Think of prebiotics as fertilizer for the good bacteria. The combination of prebiotics and probiotics can help get your microbiome into a healthy balance, with a good diversity of intestinal bacteria in your gut.

When you have plenty of good bacteria, the harmful ones get crowded out and have a much harder time making you sick. Your digestion improves* because your ability to absorb macronutrients and micronutrients is better when your beneficial bacteria are diverse and balanced. Less obvious but perhaps even more important is that your overall immunity improves*—you can fend off colds and minor illnesses more efficiently.

High-quality probiotics have a good mix of beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. Buy them only from a company that uses good manufacturing practices (check the label). In your diet, fiber-rich plant foods, in general, are excellent prebiotics. Garlic, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, beans, and asparagus are particularly good choices. It’s hard to eat enough of these foods consistently to be helpful, though, so consider prebiotic supplements. Read More……


Original Article : In 2018 Boost* Your Health Inside-Out And Have No Sickness Bouts!
By: Robert G. Silverman
From: consumerhealthdigest.com

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