Ask Yourself These Questions Before Starting a New Workout to Get Better Results

Easy there, tiger. We know you’re still fired up and ready to crush your fitness agenda for 2017. But you might want to slow your roll just a tad. According to a recent study done by Harris Interactive for BodyBuilding.com, 73 percent of people with fitness-related New Year’s resolutions threw in the towel before they met their goal—and half of those people gave up within six weeks or less. Why? Forty-two percent of the participants said it was too tough to stick to their workout regimen. So even though it might seem like a good idea to close your eyes, dive head-first into an unfamiliar routine, and just hope for the best, you’re only setting yourself up for a quick fizzle and fade. If you really want to succeed, first you’ll need to give your fitness plan some good, hard thought.

“It’s important to fully assess a new workout program to make sure it’s right for you, because otherwise it may be very easy to quit a few days in,” says Caroline Varriale, physical therapist at Finish Line Physical Therapy in New York City. “Be patient and try to understand how a workout program is going to fit into your day and week before jumping in. Exercise needs to be a manageable action for it to become a habit. Otherwise, it becomes a source of stress, which is exactly what it should be counteracting.”

Before you go balls-to-the-wall with just any old workout, take a step back and ask yourself these seven questions to make sure you’re fully prepped for what’s ahead: Read Full Article…

Original Article: Ask Yourself These Questions Before Starting a New Workout to Get Better Results
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