Back Pain Myths

Original Article : Back Pain Myths
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Back pain. Around 80% of us will experience it from one time to another. For some, it may recur, and for a small percentage, (10-40%), the pain will persist and may become disabling.  It has been labeled as the most disabling disorder for the western world and results in a hugeeconomic burden. Estimates on the cost of chronic back pain on our health care system revile that it is listed as number one on the Global Burden of Disease List. But on an individual basis, back pain can be scary, debilitating and frustrating. Patients with chronic back pain describe their lives being on hold, their relationships suffering, having no confidence and have lost the things that give their lives meaning. I’ve once heard the back described like the heart, “frightening to think of if something goes wrong”.

This article “The Myths of Lower back Pain and What You Should Do About It” will explore why lower back pain is so prevalent, often difficult to treat, so variable, as well as give practical tips and advice for patients on how to get lower back pain relief and offer back pain solutions.

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