The Best Workouts For Weight Loss

When it comes to dropping pounds, any exercise that boosts your heart rate and gets you sweating is technically good, but there may be better, more efficient ways to slim down. To help you step up your game, we’ve rounded up the top tier of weight-loss winners and broken down why they’re worthy of your precious gym time. 

Air Bike Intervals

Known by the brand name “Assault Bike” in CrossFit circles, the air bike does indeed deliver what feels like a full-body beating. Unlike a traditional spin bike, the air bike adds an upper-body component with its elliptical machine-like handles. The harder you pedal, push, and pull, the more resistance you generate. Less than a minute of all-out effort will leave even the fittest athletes winded, which is why Pete McCall, adjunct faculty in Exercise Science at Mesa College, recommends adding a few intervals to your training plan.

He explains that an exercise’s MET (short for metabolic equivalent) value corresponds with the amount of oxygen used during that activity. To consume one liter of oxygen, the body burns about five calories. So if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, choose exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, as they require more oxygen and burn more calories. The air bike, because it works the arms, shoulders, core, and legs, fits the bill. Read More…

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