Blood Analysis: Unlock The Body’s Secrets To Reach Peak Performance

For years, however, only professional athletes could afford to use blood testing to improve performance. Most people associated blood testing with trips to the doctor; it was just a way to confirm a disease or medical problem. But now athletes, trainers, coaches, and anyone interested in achieving optimal performance, can use blood testing to predict a problem before it is too late to fix it, sometimes even before it happens.

Athletes looking for the competitive edge have been using blood analysis for years. Recently, triathlete Diane Stokes was feeling sluggish, tired and rundown, so she signed up for a blood test.2 Her results indicated that she was low in magnesium, zinc, vitamin D and testosterone. Changes to her diet and supplement plan recharged her energy levels and performance. Without the blood test, she might have pushed harder on her workouts, making the problem worse.Instead, blood testing gave her the answers she needed to solve the problem.

A blood test requires just a tiny amount of blood to provide a massive amount of information, including how you can optimize your body using simple training, nutrition, and even lifestyle changes. Everyone’s blood contains biomarkers, substances that science has shown can act as indicators to reveal your body’s status. Each biomarker represents a function or biological change going on inside the body, and each biomarker is measurable.

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Original Article : Blood Analysis: Unlock The Body’s Secrets To Reach Peak Performance
By: Gil Blander
From: breakingmuscle.com

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