Why Changing Your Diet Won’t Stop Emotional Eating

Your struggle with emotional eating may go something like this…

If I could just find the right way to eat I won’t have cravings.

If I could just gain some more willpower I would be stronger and I could resist my urges.

If I could just detox from addictive/sugary foods I would be free.

If I could just stick with something long enough for it to take.

If I could just get to the bottom of why I struggle with emotional eating and don’t stay on my diet I wouldn’t have a food problem.

What’s so wrong with this way of thinking?

These all seem like reasonable thoughts, if you’re starting from a diet mentality where the focus is on the food.

But, when we’re working on healing emotional eating from the viewpoint of Conscious Eating, it’s a whole other world out there. Fortunately, it’s a truly helpful, growth oriented and healing relationship with yourself, food and your body.

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Original Article : Why Changing Your Diet Won’t Stop Emotional Eating
From: consciousmindbody.com

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